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Call for Submissions from WSV Members

Key Information:

  • Online submission of artwork for review by selection committee: February 1st, 2024

  • Acceptance notification to successful exhibitions: February 10th 2024

  • Submission of unframed artwork for exhibition: February 26th 2024

  • Exhibition Gala Opening: May 17th 2024

  • Collection of artworks: May 28th 2024 (10 am – 4 pm)

  • Link to Exhibition Terms and Conditions

You are invited to submit painting for our 50th Anniversary Exhibition: “Luminous: A Festival Of Watercolour” to be held 17th - 27th May 2024 at the Victorian Artists Society, the place where our first meetings were held 50 years ago.


We will celebrate the legacy of this society, its place in the global world of watercolour as well as its strong membership today. This means works from our past will be included as will work by artists from around the world and interstate who have been part of our journey.


However our current members are the strength of the society today. ALL members will be able to submit work for selection, noting it is a curated show and because space is limited not everyone will be selected.


Entry submissions will via the link below.  Please read the Terms and Conditions for entering the exhibition. 



Exhibition Terms and Conditions

1. The Watercolour Society of Victoria (WSV) is conducting a curated exhibition. Works are to be
watercolour or predominantly watercolour. Works that contain elements of mixed media will be
accepted provided that the overall impression of the Selection Committee is that the work is a

2. As all works will be framed by the WSV the works MUST be painted to suit a matt viewing
window of 53cm x 35cm for half sheet and 36cm x 26cm for quarter sheet. No other size will be
accepted. Works must be suitable for matting under glass (no stretch canvas).
There are two ways artists can enter work for this exhibition:

3. Selected artists: All WSV members can enter via a selection process. Two works can be entered
for selection however due to limited gallery space only one work will be accepted and not all
members will be represented. These works will be subject to online selection by the Selection
Committee. The decision of the Selection Committee is final, and no correspondence will be
entered into.

4. Invited artists are automatically accepted. Invitations are extended to past presidents, life
members and patron as well as professional watercolour artists from Victoria, interstate and
overseas. These artists represent the connections and contributions that the WSV has embraced.

5. Entry forms are to be submitted by Thursday 1 February 2024. Entry details and delivery options
will be provided via the WSV website and email.

6. Artists submitting work for selection will be notified of acceptance or not by Saturday 10
February 2024.

7. An Acceptance Fee of AU$95 is payable for each work selected whether WSV member or invited
Victorian artist. The Acceptance Fee covers framing and handling of the works by WSV as

a. Works will be framed by WSV using matching, high quality frames of good
workmanship and will include glass, matts, D-rings, and wire. The viewing window
of the matts will be 53cm x 35cm for half sheet and 36cm x 26cm for quarter sheet.

b. All works sold at the exhibition will be sold with the frame at no further cost to the

c. All unsold works collected by the artist or by an agent for the artist (including
courier) will be returned in the frame.

d. All unsold works not collected by artist or agent for the artist will be removed
from the frames and mailed in a postal tube by WSV, at no extra cost to the artist.


8. Each work must have a label on the back stating the artist’s name, title of the work, price, ABN (if
applicable), contact details and preferred method of return
(ie, personal or courier pick up, or
mail). For interstate, remote and international works, suitable packaging that can be easily re-used
will help the Committee and protect your paintings.

9. No painting is to be priced less than $300 and all artworks should be for sale. The Selection
Committee may in special circumstances and at their discretion accept not for sale work.

10. A commission of 25% on the catalogue price will apply to all works sold at the exhibition. Please
consider this commission, and GST if applicable, in your nominated sales price. Any commission
percentage due to your personal gallery by contractual agreement with you is payable by you, the
artist, from the proceeds of the sale and is not payable by the WSV. Please ensure that any such
percentage commission due to your personal gallery is factored into your nominated sale price.
Payment of GST is the responsibility of the artist, if applicable.

11. Works are to be submitted UNFRAMED by Monday 26 February 2024. Exhibitors must make
their own delivery arrangements using the address in the entry form and organise payment. WSV
will not accept or pay any freight or courier charges for the delivery of art work. Members will
be able to deliver their work in person to the WSV meeting on Monday 26 February 2024.

12. Collection of work is to be made on Tuesday 28 May 2024 (10 am – 4 pm) from the Victorian
Artists’ Society, 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne. WSV will not pay any freight or courier
charges for collected works. Members must make their own arrangements and organise payment.
If not collected at this time, work will be removed from the frame and posted to the artist (refer
7d.). The WSV has no storage capacity for works not collected at this time.

13. Every effort will be made to take care of your work. However, neither the WSV nor the Victorian
Artist’ Society will be responsible for any loss or damage. Therefore, artists requiring insurance
must make their own arrangements.

Our Sponsors


The Watercolour Society of Victoria wishes to acknowledge the important support of the Melbourne City Council in the delivery of this event as well as our other key sponsors. 

Supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants
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