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Who Are We?

The Watercolour Society of Victoria is a vibrant group of watercolour enthusiasts.

Most members reside in Victoria some in other states, and others worldwide.

The founding society was modelled on the British Societies with a strictly controlled membership. We have evolved and our membership is all about the love of the watercolour medium. You can be a professional or aspiring artist, a collector, or a supporter of this fabulous medium.

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Robert Wade, OAM

Patron of the Watercolour Society of Victoria

What We Do

The society shares all things watercolour with quality demonstrations, talks, excursions, paint outs and occasional group exhibitions.  Our friendly, respectful members provide support and share a lifetime of skill while nurturing individual endeavours.

Members are kept up to date with all events through monthly Enewsletters and Watermark a printed quarterly magazine.

Monthly meetings are held at the Victorian Artists Society (VAS).  These hybrid meetings are zoomed to those who cannot attend. This means distant members are involved in activities wherever they live. The COVID period showcased the flexibility of our group as we responded to the new challenges and embraced new opportunities.

Membership gives access to all facets of this continually evolving network of watercolour artists.  

For almost 50 years we have been the hub of the watercolour scene in Victoria.  Reading the past member list is like looking at the history of Watercolour not just in Victoria, but in Australia and worldwide. Our current members hold International recognition and we are proud to have Robert Wade OAM, our Patron, Joseph Zbukvic and David Taylor as examples of current, long time members.  Having such artists has fostered excellence and inspired many others along the way.

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