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Join Watercolour Society of Victoria

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Who Can Join?

The Watercolour Society of Victoria Inc. welcomes all new members.  You do not have to paint. We have members who are professional artists as well as aspiring artists. We have watercolour followers and sponsors. All you need is a love of the watercolour medium.

Once you have watched some of our members at work you will be itching to “have a go”.

George Haddon MEMBER-CARTOONS.jpg

George Haddon

Member Benefits

You have seen the activities and events we offer and the shared fellowship at meetings cannot be quantified. For more information, follow the below link:

How Much Does It Cost?

A Joining Fee of $20 for new members.

The Annual Fee (January - December) is $95 and due March 1st each year.

How To Join

Complete and submit the form below. 

You will receive an email with payment instructions to complete the process.

By becoming a member of the WSV you allow original images of your work, as supplied by you, to be used on the WSV website and in official WSV publications 

As a member of the WSV I agree to be bound by the rules of the Society.
I am renewing my membership

Thanks for submitting!

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