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Wednesday Wanderers

This session unites and challenges artists from everywhere to paint a photograph, provided copyright free, for 40 minutes. This page  will have the latest photograph on display until the next session.

We are called Wednesday Wanderers because we meet on a Wednesday Morning at 10 am for one hour of painting via Zoom. Wanderers because we go anywhere due to the photographic inspiration chosen for the session.

All you have to do to be join these sessions is  express interest and be on the mailing list for the zoom link. A photograph provides the challenge and 40 minutes of painting usually finishes up with a result. Any kind of subject finds its way into this group and we all are challenged and often well out of our comfort zone - but we learn heaps. The results are shared and techniques discussed.

It teaches discipline, forces you to make decisions quickly and interpret different subject matter than you would choose by yourself. It unites members from all around Australia and sometimes overseas (if they are awake!).

Suzanne Johnston Wed Wanderers.JPEG
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