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Monthly Meetings
Missed a meeting?
 Want to re-watch an aspect  you missed on the night?
Catch up here by watching what was happening at the meeting. 
May 27  2024
Marc  Folly  Demonstrates

Marc  Folly

Marc Folly on his first visit to Australia and he was at our meeting in person.

Marc made himself at home with in excess of 100 keen viewers who turned out to watch his skill with the watercolour medium.

This was the final night of the  Luminous: A Festival of Watercolour exhibition.  What a great way to finish this 50th celebration.


Insisting he did not feel comfortable with absolute silence in the room there was a steady hum  as we watched  him working the watercolour medium in ways that many of us were not accustomed to.  


He chose a dimly lit,  workshop interior as his subject to illustrate how he works his darkest darks first - adding his brightest colours at the end of the process.  This method is based on the Flemish oil painting tradition.  It was fascinating to watch how he manipulated the very different watercolour paint to make this work.


The video of the demonstration is divided into two 30 minute videos for ease of watching.  Despite a couple of camera hiccups you get a clear sense of his process.


These video will be on the website for members to view for 4 weeks.



Marc Folly  WSV Interior demonstration 24.jpg
Who Do You Think We Are?  Part 1 
April 2024     

 There are THREE  video segments for the meeting held  on April 29th as we delved into some of the people and events that formed  our past 50 years.

In this Part 1 episode   Wayne  Degenhardt talks to background of the society and the characters involved at the beginning.   There is also a segment from Robert Wade OAM filmed in 2008 as he  talks briefly about his introduction to the group and the role it played in his life.

Who Do You Think We Are? Part 2
April 2024   
92 - Reg Cox - Reg With Chooks.jpg
Reg Cox 

 This is the second part to this presentation from the meeting held  on April 29th as we delved into some of the people and events that formed  our past 50 years.

In this Part 2 episode  we hear from Reg Cox a colourful character, highly talented artist who  was a member for 49 years ( he died last December).  Maxine  Wade  a member for 32 years  shares some  stories and an excerpt  fomr  Alvaro Castagnet from his podcast with Eric rhoads where he talks of the influence that the watercolourists in the 1980's in Melbourne had on his career.

Who Do You Think We Are? Part 3
April 2024   

 This is the third segments of this presentation from the meeting held  on April 29th as we delved into some of the people and events that formed  our past 50 years.

In this Part 3 episode  we hear from Ron Muller a long time member and we  see some of the highlights  of the association that the  WSV  has had with Chinese artists and in particular  the two exhibitions  our members were involved in  2012 and 2016 when our members  visited Nanjing and Dalian as part of the process meeting and mixing with  other watercolourists from  around the world.

Antoinette Blyth 
March 2024   Permission to Play Meeting 

 At this event Antoinette Blyth  plays with a very limited palette on a Fabriano HP  Satine surface. The  limited brushes she was given were very different to what she usually uses -  watch how she resolved this issue.  She chose to use the sunflower  design as her inspiration and the result  is  informal, spontaneous  and alive. 

Thanks  for "Playing Along" with the challenge .

Check out her website for  details  of her classes and exhibitions. 

Website Link 

Antoinette Blyth Playing with Sunflowers.jpeg
Ben Winspear 
March 2024   Permission to Play Meeting 

Ben played along with a  Fredrix  watercolour Panel a  rigid  fine canvas surface.  For this challenge he was given very few colours  and  Inks along with markers and pencil.  The results tell their own story as potential is huge  with calligraphic brush work and perhaps varying degrees of wetness as the board does not absorb a lot of moisture.

Definitely  not  like working on paper.

Thanks  for "Playing Along" with the challenge .

Check out his website for  details  of his classes, exhibitions and Painting tours.  You could travel with him in Europe 

Website Link 

Ben Winspear 2024  P To P .jpeg
Neil McIrvine 
March 2024   Permission to Play Meeting 

Neil took the Play challenge by working on a Green coloured Bockingford CP paper and painting a still life.

He  chose a quirky container surrounded by fabric as his inspiration.

He  explored limited brushes and colours  pushing the new tools to their limits,  discovering some different ways to work in watercolour


Check out Neil's website to learn more about this very talented artist.


Website Link 

Neil Mc Irvine  bikini container.jpg
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