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April Meeting

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Colin Peel, a long time member of our WSV, brings his keen eye and analytical skills to research what is happening in the worldwide watercolour community.

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Having a truly original approach or technique in painting water colour is very rare.  Charles Reid in the US (recently deceased) and Joseph Zbukvic here in Melbourne are two such painters.  In this talk I intended to discover more with such unique techniques but that proved challenging so instead chose one artist from each of 20 countries – each if not necessarily totally unique in their technique, at least true Masters of Water Colour.  I attempted to cover a range of techniques and styles, decided to restrict it to living artists, and had to find their work personally appealing.   With social media such as Instagram and Facebook, You Tube, numerous blogs and interviews, Websites and many other desk top resources, it is relatively simple to do this from home in our Internet age.  I also checked in with the listed artists in the “International Masters of Water Colour Artists” of which Joseph Zbukvic is a founding member.



Below are three from his selection.    

I cannot wait to see the other 17.

Nick Alm 2.png

Nick Alm  Sweden: - a young classically trained artist who as primarily an oil painter claims he does not really know how to do water colour!

Nicolas-Lopez 2.jpg

Nicolas Lopez from Peru – a young artist who does experimental work with both surfaces and the new pigments such as the Lunar series of Daniel-Smith.

Joseph Zbukvic 1.jpg

Joseph Zbukvic is an obvious choice with his unique and appealing technique which is so widely emulated around the world.

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